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Sales Agents, Auctioneers and Property Managers

Establish your reputation, leverage your expertise and build your personal brand with CMBG.

CMBG work with you to build your personal brand and get your customers to connect with you past the sale.

As an agent, auctioneer or property manager, your customers work with you based on the trust, rapport and relationship you have together.

The stronger this is, the more you can grow your sales, build awareness, gain referrals and more importantly solidify your reputation.

Working with CMBG

We work with your business through focusing on the key stages of your marketing lifecycle, understanding your needs and your optimal customer journey to set up solutions that help your business take steps in the right direction towards achieving your goals.

Real Estate Agent Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy

Evaluate your current efforts, identify your influencers,  discuss your goals, & plan towards your future.

Personal Branding

We help set up and design your personal brand from naming, presence, collateral and more.


Social Media Marketing

We work with you to set up your social shopfront on the right platforms, to stay ahead of the trends, connect with your customers, build relationships & grow your brand.

Profile Set Up

We help set your profile on the right platforms from imagery, graphics, copywriting and optimal customer journey mapping.


Marketing Campaigns

Create an integrated marketing campaign that has multiple touch points to generate your desired outcome.

Videography/ Photography

Connecting and engage with your customers through impactful, descriptive & valuable video and photo content.

Search Engine Marketing

Having your agent profile rank above others in your area to build awareness & generate leads. 

Event Marketing

Hold your own events, invite who you want featuring your brand through VIP nights, festivals, movie nights & more.


Reach your customers and generate growth through Digital, Social, Ambient, Outdoor &

Local Area Advertising.


We begin by establishing areas that your business needs to set up and focus on, this includes channels and platforms that will deliver the best presence, engagement and value.


Once the foundations are established, the focus will move towards drawing attention and engaging through consistent reach, direct targeting and valued added positioning. 


Through measuring, reviewing and learning, the key focuses from your current actions will be reviewed on a consistent basis to determine ROI and consider any business changes, especially diversification.

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Marketing isn't just a transaction, it's a journey.

About CMBG

We are a boutique marketing agency located in Melbourne's East.


With an integrated tailored approach to strategy, marketing and branding, we help you enhance your brand, grow your businesses and drive successful results. We work with Real Estate, Health Care, Medical and Small Business Marketing

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