The patient journey road map

Do you remember when you're on a road trip to a far away destination, and you say to yourself (or passenger) I need some fuel or I need some food?  You or your car needs to be replenished!

Now you've just come across a split moment realisation or maybe it was pre-meditated but either way, you are now looking for a fuel station to pull over to so you can meet your requirement. 

You have two options-

Option 1- Wait until you come across a fuel station (risky)

Option 2- Look up the closest one

It's 2019, which means you're not going to wait, you're going to pull out your phone or tell your passenger to look it up and to find the best one. And you may find one straight away but most likely you will keep searching until you find one that has the right reward card, the right food option or even just the right amount of distance from your destination.

Either way, you had a need, you looked it up and you found it!

Now replace fuel/food with a patient that needs treatment and replace the fuel station with your practice. This is exactly how the patient journey starts in the health and medical industry.

There is only question that we will put to you at this point-

Is your practice on the patient journey roadmap?


This is our first blog on our mini- series of blogs on the patient journey that we will post over the next month.

We will touch across different areas in the path that a patient will look you up and the value in each path from their patient journey in delivering the best patient and practice outcomes. 


Thank you for taking the time today to read our Blog!

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