The measurement of the metrics in social media

A key element of social media marketing is the measurement of the metrics.

Metrics such as engagement, awareness, shares, ROI and customer experience.

Knowing the metrics isn’t enough. It is understanding the measurement of the social media metrics that matters.💁‍♀️

First, in identifying how successful you have been and then providing your brand with the backing to make some significant business decisions based on what the metrics mean.

Recent reports have suggested that 80% of Australians are on social media, with those numbers much higher for those aged under 50.

60% of Australians are on Facebook, 50% on Instagram and 20% on LinkedIn, with those numbers only rising.🇦🇺

The first step in understanding any metrics is having access to them.

Did you know that all social media platforms offer a level of metric insights?💁‍♂️

If you need to get an understanding on how to get access to your social media metrics or how to understand them better get in touch with us.


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