The 3 Keys Towards Effective Marketing in the modern day

With many brands competing in the same space, it is hard to grab the attention and loyalty of your potential customers. Even with the vast media available these days, contrary to popular belief customers will not just join you due to the technological advancements you use to advertise to them.

Customers need to connect with the brand and see the value in your business for them. The most effective marketing efforts will connect with your followers on an emotional level and add true value. The following 3 keys will enable your business to connect and engage with your customer, and be ahead of your competitors.

1. Plan your marketing efforts 

It’s never to late to plan

Having a strategy in place and planning your marketing efforts for the year with your business goals at the centre is key to your marketing efforts being effective while also saving you time and money. At the base of your plan needs to be your business goals and the targets you want to hit this year.

There is no point spending time on marketing if the posts and actions don’t have a strategy and goal. Having a disjointed message, tone and look can make your business seem unprofessional and due to a lack of planning you spend more time coming up with ad-hoc ideas and concepts.

Once your strategy is put in place, plan your offers or messages for the year based on the season and your sales funnel. This ensures that your time, effort and money are spent working towards the end result and you don’t have to come up with more ideas throughout the year when you get busier.

2. Brand Storytelling

Know your customers by getting them to know you.

In short brand storytelling is the use of educational and emotive stories about your business to drive customer loyalty and sales. The most effective method of brand storytelling is from a video testimonial from your clients that have had a fantastic experience with you.

The other fantastic brand storytelling is from the business owner (you) or business personnel on why and how the company started, demonstrating the struggles and triumphs that come with starting and running the business. These videos are important as they show a human side to your business and directly connect with your customers.

We suggest brand storytelling be in video format as videos are more interactive and personable to the viewer. Your brand storytelling should include the reason why your company started, what drives your team and gives a sneak peek into the workings of your company.

3. Content Marketing

Content rules about all. 

The final key links indirectly with the other two and forms the support between it all. Anyone can come up with content, but generating the appropriate content for your target audience to make an impact will be the difference between getting a new customer or not.

The most effective marketing is unique content based on your business through videos, blogs, podcasts and social media posts. Content marketing increases brand awareness and engages with your audience by having content. This content is part of your multi-channel communication and is integrated into your plan.

Content marketing strategies depend on whether you are B2B or B2C as the audience and expectations change. B2C is heavily based on an emotive offering with more shareable/likeable content to a larger audience. B2B content should be much more informative about processes and the benefit to businesses to assist in creating value. Marketing has a wide expanse of boundless possibilities, features, and potential.

And while these 3 keys will help you be more effective in 2019, they only go along with and support other effective marketing efforts that you need to be doing to propel your business. Understanding what you need to do, should only ever be done once you understand what you are doing.


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