Small Business Marketing Checklist... the basic 6

On our CMBG Small Business Marketing blog, every month we will look to cover different areas that need to be checked off for your Business.

This and the checklists to come will help you and your business be aware of what you are doing and see where you can improve.

The below 6 are basic checklist points that we have assembled based on the opportunities, the setup and the engagement with a Small Business and their consumers at the fundamental level.

1. Social Media-

We all have Social Media accounts and if we haven't worked across some, we have definitely been exposed to them. There are hundreds of social media platforms, however, the average person would mainly cross common paths in the 5 to 10 most popular platforms.

Common and popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, Youtube, TikTok and Snapchat.

But with diversity in how we consume media and the way different countries legally allow internet usage, you may need to adapt to the social platform your consumer uses. Knowing where your consumers spends their time on social media is vital in your Marketing efforts as that is also where you will likely have the highest engagement. 

2. Website-

A business without a website in 2018, is like going to a restaurant but not have anyone there to ask you where you would like to sit, not having a menu to choose what food you'd like to order and not have an option to ask someone for your meal to be prepared in a different way.

What if you had an allergy?

Apart from credibility, your website is the first call of port for your customers. It will help you generate leads, save you time and most of all help you service your customers 24/7 even when you are asleep. Your questions about a website should not be on whether you need a website or not but on elements such as whether you have multiple landing pages or not or whether you have it optimised for mobile or whether you have a blog and so forth.

You want to tell your customers about you and your business, and a website is the first place to do so. 

3. Essential Signage-

A creative and attractive sign will grab anyone's attention, but so will the ability to leave a business card with someone you have just had a fantastic conversation with.

Print signage is still essential in this digital age. 

Signage can serve a multitude of functions and if you have the right types of signage the benefits are significant for your business. From flyers and business cards to window decals and pull-up banners, ensure you have the right signage to support you as a Business owner. 

4. Company Email-

What do all of the above examples have in common? They are all personal emails and consequently are not professional.

Having a company email linked to your company website is everything in creating credibility and most of all trust with your customers. It also forms a clear link to your website and reduces the risk of your business being marked as spam. 

Setting your business up with a professional company email will make your customers feel more secure and give you clearer awareness of what is work and what is personal.

5. Google-

Have you ever been hungry and looked up (googled) food options in the area? If you have, you would have received a list of the options along with their ratings and made your decision based on the reviews or just the proximity to where you are.

If you haven't done this, then quickly do it on your phone or on your computer.

Being a Small Business or any business and having a Google presence is vital. Listing your business on Google is a free service on the biggest and most popular search engine in the world.

It's cost-effective compared to listing yourself on other directories and gives you free visibility in Google Searches and Google maps.

And if you're a business that operates during certain hours, your customers can have quick access to this without having to go to your website.

It's a free service to use, so if you haven't already, take advantage of it as it will only benefit your business. 


Thank you for taking the time today to read our Blog!

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