Marketing during Covid-19

A blog about marketing during Covid-19

The impact of the virus we know as Covid-19, also referred to as Coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 has had a considerable ripple across the world and across all industries.

There hasn't been a single person not impacted by it.

Every day sees a new area impacted, with more businesses and people having to change their behaviours, their methods and also their means of communication, connectivity and access. Marketing is all about connectivity and reaching the right audiences at the right time, whether it is physical or virtual. So this has had a significant marketing impact.

But the amazing thing about living in 2020 is that we are all connected virtually and socially. And as a business in 2020, you need to take advantage of it. In this period it is all about salvaging what you can, and making the most of what is possible, so you stay on top of what you can now and when you do get back you can start on the front foot. So whether you're in your home office or have a hybrid work structure, this is the first blog in our series of blogs about marketing during this time. These are some of the thoughts and tips from our team to help your business and for you to apply, if you can, during this period.

Tip #1- Check on your existing customers

While a seemingly straightforward one, this can be overlooked due to the amount of shuffling or work businesses have had to deal with during this transition.

If you haven't already or did so a month ago- Do it now.

Your existing customers are the heart of your business. Check on them, see how they are and then work out what you need to do for them to help them through this period. Understand if they may need out of hours assistance or they need remote assistance with something. If you’re a GP and offer Telehealth then let them know about Telehealth.

If you had a service that required physical contact, provide them with some tips on what they can do at home until you are able to assist them again.

But mainly get in touch with them.

Tip #2- Understand open rates and use communication mediums at your disposal

So you can't meet people and even calling them is not as effective. But then again, everyone is home now more than ever.

So, use those communications that you may have not used as much in the past- to your advantage.

Email open rates are higher than ever, and SMS is always effective. There is also social media and our personal favourite (while you still can use it)- Direct Mail.

If people are home, they are still going to check their post boxes. Especially if you are in Real Estate, this is a great way to get your message across.

Be creative and still be in contact.

Tip #3- Personalise and Un-Automate

It's not often you will hear a marketing agency that advises not to automate. But then again it's not often we have a pandemic.

If there was ever a time to dedicate more effort into nurturing leads, getting to know your customers and responding to every customer differently and personalising your response - Now is that time!

You can still leave the core automations you have set up such as your website auto-responders, email registrations/subscriptions, etc... however, any follow ups, any welcomes, just do it yourself.

You now may have more time than ever, spend that time going "old school" and giving your customer an experience they are not expecting but will most definitely appreciate.

Less automation may also save you money as a bonus.

Tip #4- Make sure people can find you online and socially

Local search is more important than ever, and with online interaction at the highest it has ever been- You need to be found on online and social mediums to stay in the conversation

People are glued to their phones, tablets and computers. They are sharing and searching at an unprecedented rates and it will only increase as consumer behaviour gets conditioned to less physical interaction.

What does that mean for your business?

- Accessibility

- Visibility

- Search-ability

Start with a website, you need to have a website. It's not even an option to not have a website. Then, look at the Big 3 social media platforms, are you on Facebook and talking to people in Facebook groups? Finally, are there directories where your customers spend time on- and if so are you on them? Can you be found on Google?

If you are saying no to any of the above, it's not too late to catch up and be found. Just do, as it will be pivotal towards your businesses staying in the conversation.


Thank you for taking the time today to read our Blog!

We will continue the conversations on any challenges businesses face by understanding and sharing industry trends, consumer shifts and look at what businesses can do as opposed to what they can't when they have any challenges.

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