Is your real estate signboard optimised and engaging?

What you should consider for your next signboard

Your signboard is one of the largest aspects of your branding, demonstrating your professionalism, knowledge, and sales. This is why it is important to put the time and effort into designing the optimum design for engagement and brand presence. 

Make your brand stand out

Your signboard is not only meant to sell the property but to advertise your company and create brand awareness. This board should convey the feeling and tone of your brand to the wider community for them to connect with. To have this impact your signboard requires to be individual whether it be the colours, template or key features column.  

Your branding should be evident on the top of the board, colours, font and tagline. Branding needs to be large and impactful from the road so the individuals can research your brand and the property. This type of impact would be best displayed when you have multiple signboards in the area all being boards for your company.

Connect with your target market

Your agencies writing style needs to connect with your community whether it be with the language or even sometimes slang that is used in the area. For example the sold board or 

This will not only connect you with you Target Market but you will identify with these individuals when you sell. So a play on words or having a more casual writing style may actually be the difference between the vendor contacting your agency. 

Decrease the amount of copy

With the fast-moving pace of society, individuals have a smaller attention span. To accommodate this a signboard should have the property address, heading, and four key features. Your message will actually be read by individuals passing the board.

The board needs to have multiple points of contact 

Each board needs to have multiple points of contact so that the consumer can google the property and get in touch with the agents.


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