How to stand out against your competition with your pre-listing kit?

Tips to stand out against your competition.... 

Listing kits in real estate are the most important tool in your sales kit, it is the only material that you present in a listing kit to the vendor to pitch for the listing. This listing kit demonstrates your company, is targeted towards your target market and outlines the value you bring to the table.

However, these listing kits all have the same items included:

  • Cover letter and individual profile:Telling the customer who the Real Estate agency they are dealing with is and why they should choose them.

  • Company profile: Communicating to the vendor about your agency the values and the steps to sell your property.

  • RPData report of the property with 3 recent sales

  • Marketing campaign or price list

Due having the same items in your listing kit as your competition to this your listing kit may not stand-out compared to the competition. Below we have listed a few ways you can make your pre-listing kit stand out and be remembered.

Customise Your Property Report

Most property reports are just a print off of RPData and are just slipped in by the agent before heading out the door. Yes, this is time-effective but it shows the lack of care taken for this lead. Each lead is a potential sale and should be treated as such. If you get the listing you spend so much time on the phone, talking and thinking about this listing so why is there little effort when trying to capture this lead?

Sometimes the reason is if this is just an appraisal the owner may only be looking to see how much their property is worth. I am not an agent who normally sells in this area or I don't have time. You are correct, however a properly prepared and strategic listing kit does not take up too much time if created correctly in the first place.

One of the ways your listing kit can get the most impact is to create a property report template with your brand and personality on display and communicate to the vendor that you have put time into their report.

Your template will have all of the aspects of the RPData report incorporated but will explain to the vendor the range that you have derived, how this has been calculated.

As this template as already been pre-prepared and should take 5-10 minutes to copy the information from RPData into your own template.

Change Up Your Marketing Schedule

Design an interesting marketing schedule that is a flyer or brochure that the vendor wants to open. Most marketing schedules are A4 lists with the items listed and costed with payment options. As vendors are choosing to list their property with you, you want to demonstrate you know how to market their listing and the best way. To convey this is to have a professional marketing schedule that you are proud of.

Your marketing schedule should be relevant and up to date, have the option to advertise on social media, digital signboard and SMS buyers from each inspection or have the option to get more information from a photo or text on the signboard. Your marketing schedule needs to be visually pleasing and explains the benefits of each package or option.

Add A Different Item To Your Listing Kit

Over the years I have experienced agents that placed a calendar magnet with their face on the fridge to reference the vendor's upcoming auction date if they sign-up today to a coffee voucher to discuss the auction details that has an expiry date.  These items are a talking point and reference point to a talk to when pitching and leaves your company as a top of mind. 

With these tips, you should be strategically tailoring your listing kit to convert your leads to your vendors. Not only that but you will be proud to pitch for the listing. 


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