Every map begins with the destination (Patient Marketing)

Everywhere you go, everywhere you look and everywhere you reach has a different story, a different history and a different difference.

That may sound like a cliche, but it is a fact.

Think about a broader business model example of McDonald's and their set up around the world. 

Here in Australia, we are used to Big Angus's and Quarter Pounders, but head to Singapore and you can get a Nasi Lemak or go to Japan and get a Moon burger. It is the same McDonalds evoking the same customer outcomes, but the difference is present and it reflects the audience, the country and the culture. 

The likeliness that you are a practice that is set up to the size of McDonald's is low, and nor is that the purpose of that example. 

The real point here is to drive your practice into the concept of geodemographic patient segmentation and its impacts on patient outcomes. 

Geodemographic patient segmentation is the market segmentation based on classifying and qualifying the geographics and demographics of the local patients.

It works on two principles-

If your patients live next to each other, they are more likely to share common character traits than two patients chosen at random.If patients have the same demographical traits they can fall into the same category even if in different areas (suburbs).

What this means for your practice is that you need to be making decisions on how you communicate, position, offer, sell and so forth to patients based on the demographics (age, sex, education level, income level, marital status, occupation, religion, etc) of where your practice is located (or where you are going to be).

This is where your primary target audience is driven from and where any local area marketing efforts you do start with.

So in considering all of the above, what are you doing in your practice to ensure that you are correctly geodemographically segmented?

In simpler words, do you know your local audience?


We continue our mini- series of blogs on the patient journey that we are posting.

With these blogs we are touching across different areas in the path that a patient will look you up and the value in each path from their patient journey in delivering the best patient and practice outcomes.


Thank you for taking the time today to read our Blog!

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