8 Social Media Tips for your brand to approach in 2021

There is nothing permanent except change

What an influential and significant year 2020 was. And not just for the changes in our lives with the events of the pandemic, but for the changes across social media platforms, consumer consumption behaviours and the way marketers placed their focus across content, strategies and engagement.

Which has meant that 2021 began as a big step into a changed direction, as brands have had no other choice but to adapt, recognise and approach these changes in connecting with their audiences at a faster pace, in multiple directions and in a highly competitive market.

"There is nothing permanent except change" Heraclitus

A timely quote and reminder that this isn't the first nor the last time your brand will have to deal with significant change.

Below we cover the 8 Social Media Tips for your brand to approach in 2021, and for you to consider to give you that edge over your competitors.

Tip #1- Don't post quantity, share quality.

Be transparent, tell a story and make your audience want to look forward to your next content pieces, so they crave it more when they don’t hear from you. Connect with your audience when required (not just for the sake of it) and keep them part of the journey that your brand is on.

Tip #2- Take note of the old, the young and the upcoming.

Don't forget to engage with your audiences on existing mature social platforms (such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc), test and engage with audiences on the latest platforms (such as TikTok and Reels) and keep an eye out on the upcoming platforms (such as Club House) to ensure you stay on top of where you audiences are.

Tip #3- Be inclusive and decisive when it matters

Take the opportunity to show your inclusivity by showing your support on local or social matters in a welcoming and considerate manner, especially if your customers are impacted, or it is a matter that means something to you. Take the opportunity to put yourself out there and speak to your audience (Read Tip #5)

Tip #4- Show your Augmented, Virtual Reality and 360 side

Augmented, Virtual Reality and 360 content is all the buzz. From lenses, filters and effects, if you haven't done it yourself, you would have certainly seen someone else do it across Snapchat (the pioneer), Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest.

Not to mention integrations such as Facebook 360 which could be great in showing off something like a Real Estate listing (if you're in Real Estate), allow you to connect with your audiences in new, fresh and appealing manners.

And they’re all free to use! So go ahead and have a go at creating these high quality engaging pieces of content straight from any modern smartphone.

Tip #5- Present your brand on a Live Stream

Countless Zoom sessions and remote working meetings in 2020 has created a brand new content demand. A demand for live and on the spot engagement. Whether it is streaming an event, conducting a presentation or just doing a brand update, use the multiple live streams features (free to use) available on the main social media platforms.

So show your audience who you are and bring your brand’s personality to your social media platforms.

Tip #6- Package up your offering and make sure you place “Quick Buy” options on social media

You would have heard of the call-to-action buzzwords such as "Quick Click" and "Buy Now." Especially with online shopping so popular, it's becoming increasingly demanding that consumers and potential customers have the option to look and purchase your services as a package or your product range on social media before they even take notice of you (See Tip #7).

Whether you are a B2B or B2C brand, you can take your services and products and integrate them directly as a shopping option on Facebook and Instagram for them to be bought on the spot or enquired through later.

It's not complicated to do this, especially as all competitive modern website platforms offer the option to effortlessly integrate what you place on your website to show up as shopping options on social media.

Tip #7- Measure your traffic from social media to your website and other channels

This is important for you to know your true ROI (Return On Investment). And we don't mean just knowing how many people visited your website from social media, but when they visited your website, what they did when they visited and what the outcomes were from their initial contact.

Knowing and then using this information can allow you to understand the success of your campaign, what your next campaign strategy can be, who you can target or re-target and much more. There are many programs (free and paid) and integrations that can assist with this.

Tip #8- Have Fun and do it in a plan

Have fun and be courageous in your efforts. If it may seem daunting at first, do it to a private audience, whether it is on a private account or in a social media group (Facebook group) or even if you get the thoughts of your team onboard make a start.

Give it a go at it and do it in a plan, whether it is a progressive push with short burst content or a flexible or seasonable approach, be consistent to ensure you don’t fall behind.

Final Word

While you can never permanently handle change (as it is always happening), you can consistently adapt, recognise and approach it to get ahead.

We wish you all the best for the rest of 2021 and be sure to get in touch if you have any questions or need assistance.


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