5 Things we will do when we blog

We’re so excited to finally be online and to write (and post) our first blog. 

When beginning a Small Business or business of any kind, you always have to make a list of the all the things you have to do, from choosing the business name you go with, to completing your business plan. 

And just like that, we have one of these lists (which we are still ticking off) and on that list, we had “ Complete the first blog post”.

But what do we write in that first blog post?

No matter how much we thought about it and ideated, we either wanted to post too much or we wanted to share something too specific. And finally, the place we ended up was somewhere not in-between but around the general area.

What we decided was that we will just tell you (our readers) what to can expect from our CMBG blog.

And what can you expect from a blog of a company that works across Small Business Marketing and Social Media set up?

Education- What is the purpose of having knowledge if it isn’t shared! We will aim to teach as much as we share.News- We’ll try best to keep on top of all news related to the area, to keep you up with the latest trends and happenings. Tips- No blog is complete without some tips (and we have plenty of them). We will give you some of our favourites, along with some we come across on how we can help your business. Expertise- Using our knowledge, experience and resourcefulness we will use that in ensuring we add as much value for you to read. This is so you can use it to apply to your own business. Cool stuff- No blog is complete without some cool stuff, we won't tell you what cool stuff it is, you're just going to have to read about it.

Is there anything we have left out or you would like us to blog about? Let us know. 

Thank you for reading our blog. 

Have a fantastic day!


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